the recession lyrics – young jeezy

i said the drought got a n*gg* drunk
i’m still tryna sober up
wish i had me some money i buy me some better luck
might buy me a bigga truck, buy me some mo time
ain’t n*body got it now need to find me a new gri grind
hey got a 9 left, just know ima grind til i ain’t got a dime left
speaking of dime left, now i ain’t got a nine left
had to pay up my bills now i ain’t got a dime left

chorus: it’s a recession everybody broke
so i just came back to give everybody hope
just looking out for my folk given the whole nine
yeah you ain’t got it now so you keep the whole nine

god bless america never been to columbia
so ima need one a ya get da work to columbia
that if me be i get the work to columbia
that’s south carolina just pay my driver
they say young won’t you make it rain, b*tch is you insane
think about once a month and them numbers be insane in the membrane
got me wrecking my d*mn brain, want me just d*mn caine
i’m going through a d*mn thang, hey


we tired of either or money or white squares
war really going but tell me who really cares
my annie on section 8,then why ain’t her credit straight
see you planned all of that, which means she ain’t neva late
she said im always on time like achante and jarule
and just tell us anything what we look like some d*mn fools
her son got a sells charge and he neva comin home
imagine the phone bill cause he always calling home
this sh*t is ridiculous unexceptable, i hope its acceptable if i dont be respectable
just know im in grind mode like a real n*gg* suppose to stay down maintain like a real n*gg*pose to hey


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