the shallowed lyrics – diabolic

shallow life seemed to be scarred
wasting away don’t know who you are
aimlessly leading your visions are blurred
foolishly acting you seem so absurd!

the path is walked walking on gl*ss
barefoot through life blood will
flow fast
no direction surrounded by lost
being ignorant at any f*cking cost

talking your sh*t none that is true
our gratification is going to haunt you
all’s said and done and you’re still where you are
never to advance never to go far!

the shallowed!

wrecking all you ever dreamed!
relish the human decay!
pathetic ways in a haze!

[lead: brian]

smothered waste!
breathless phase!
shallow ways!
lowest of lives!
self deceivers!

herd mentality no original thought
jealous mind venomous plot
starting wars never to be fought
can’t break the bond
in your own web you’re caught!

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