the sickness lyrics – 2 week notice

straight edge f*ck
god, you suck
can’t believe you preach to me
whine and cry
all the time
tell us how our world should be.

say your life is bullsh*t
how bad they all treat you
well you don’t know sh*t
about what your going through.

take a step back and look at yourself
you’re no better than me or anyone else.
say your beliefs are the only ways
that are great
our lives are h*ll
i guess it’s just our fate.
you spread your hate.

this world is going to h*ll
and it’s going there really fast
with your wonderful songs
i’m sure it will help it last
it’s a horrible thing
all the angst driven strife
that’s rotting up our world today
why don’t we all just get a life?

take a step forward
and look at yourself
you were never better than me or anyone else.
world is overrun by all the corporate
there is nothing you can do about it
f*ck this bullsh*t!
the sickness (x18)

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