the sleeping fan lyrics – hot water music

run motor
run the motor
run spinning rotation
the spinning rotation
and finding the rhythms
the motion
the aspirin
you could wake me up with silence and i could lose all control
cause i said that i can’t
that i’d stay and i’d never change
i had the rock but i lost it it’s broken
and i spent everything i had
and i gave everything i could to you
and i left myself with nothing but a burning mess
i’m broken on the inside so turn the crack-down on me
i can’t sleep alone
(it’s all right)
it just don’t feel right anymore
(i’ll get by)
it’s myself that i’ve lost track of now
(if i have to i’ll fight)
it’s inside so turn the crack-down
grind my teeth say a prayer breathe as deep as i can
cause i need air i can’t dissolve control
where does this fit in with anything and what’s changing
don’t figure the outcome there’s no sure pinpointing
i know that i’m not in defense of admitting defeat
i feel that there’s nowhere to go and that’s the problem
are you friend or foe

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