the slow rythyms of a dead-beat lyrics – deserters

here it goes again, time to fake a smile. life has been
this way for quite
a while. i f*cked it up all by myself. i couldn’t bear to
ask for help.
now, there’s nothing fueling all the hate inside, it’s
just another day
without my child. i abandoned hearts. i abandoned homes.
i did this all on
my own. here it goes again, pretend that it’s all fine.
hate’s all i’ve
got, but at least it’s mine. i f*cked it up all by
myself. i left love
behind all on my own. so, bear witness to weakness, he’s
staring right at
you. it’s taken this long just to tell you the truth.
you’re looking right
back, but there’s nothing to see. i hope when you grow
up, you’re nothing
like me. and the worst of times… they last forever.

just like the hands on a broken clock, time just seems to
have stopped and
yours will never rest on mine again. the slow rhythms of
a dead-beat.


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