the smell of broken glass lyrics – korpse

gl*ss, it’s not what you want, need, crave
but, i’ll do it
you plead, bleed, beg me – like you’re tied
deep s our degrading, yearn!!!

life on a whole is a tragedy
but as you look back on it
it evolves as a comedy,

depending, on the strategy
your own has taken up now

(it’s a sad individual who wants that)

(but i like it, like you for it)

lie, low and any way you want
you’ve sure got it why not flaunt it?

i think it’s time, you smell the gl*ss
you love it, but who the f*ck cares

wake up and check the gl*ss
you know what to do. insert!!!

now’s time, you are so sad
degenerate. insert!!!

you’re sag, you’re a motherf*cker
we’ve only ‘life’ and live it.

now the times past
i think you should wake up!!

the gl*ss, smell the gl*ss.

(who says your life is at all
you need time to realize)

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