the sonata to immortals lyrics – regain the legacy

all withers, as well as soul!
but with decline will come a pain!
they are put the next brick in the wall!
arise with new beam of revived sun!
renounce the sufferings!

on a way through a storm, behind the seas,
you’ll find a rest in fight! your lives are cl*ssified!
nothing! that’s nothing had forgotten in your hearts!
no forces to be filled!

but gods have forgotten! this sonata to immortals!

by cutting off decaying mask from the callous face,
you gave the light and hope in weaker hearts!
forgive! i’ve tried to control your way!
forgive! it just your own h*ll! only your own h*ll!

but gods have forgotten! this sonata to immortals!

darkness consumed you!
it’s ever no more stop!
so you’ve found salvation
in icon of war!

you are always falling down and rise again!
we always fall! but rise again!

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