the spindle lyrics – helengard

evenfall will cloak the hills in darkness and dreams,
hastily burying us from the eyes of strangers

remember the nocturne moments of farewell
(the wind is whispering your name to me on my way)
the days of waiting turned into years
(your voice is like the singing of a creek in the spring

the spondle winding in the night
entwining the threads of fates
casting a light to the windows
inviting all the birds;
she moves the spindle wheel,
she softly hums a song
she attempts to make time travel faster,
calling a new spring day.

the snow is melting, removing the shroud from the ground,
like washing out the old traces
of defeats and victories

but still, there is gleam in the window,
lighting up the night
(remember the nightly moments of farewell)
winding spindles yearn,
tearing threads of life
(the days of waiting turned into years)

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