the stalker’s blessing lyrics – dawn

an easy target for the soul*ss*ssin
the soulless, remorseless, everlasting
hunting for the next tender pray
leaving dead the soul it rapes

drained of hope, drained of life
searching for the reason of light´s demise
seeking a reason to live on
now when lifel*st is all gone

face to face with my own death
reflecting fear on my very breath
chanting the relief in dying
in which i´m not denying

pointing its finger at my misery
mocking my destiny
selling the easy way out
beyond all questionable doubt

another victim for the soul*ss*ssin?
the soulless, coldblooded, everlasting
am i the next tender pray?
i won’t let my soul be raped!

i am no longer weak
my soul grows stronger
now i’m the coldblooded
and with hate i’m flooded

i am no longer weak
now i’m remorseless
the strongest and soulless

reaping has begun!
no mercy as i strike down and crush the world!

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