the straw death lyrics – theudho

a foolish man believes
that he will live forever
if he from fighting flees
and lives the coward’s way

when swords and spears remain silent,
the serpent’s venom still runs strong
as they conspire in times of peace
the thread of your life brittles

old and weak you have grown
a disciple of the pale christ
an insult to your ancestry
you are a coward for eternity

the way of the cross you have chosen,
your pagan soul was drowned
a harmless baptism they called it;
they murdered all you stood for

your body is fed, your spirit choked
the gold they offer comes at a price
you may be alive and breathing
your essence died a long time ago

ideals and comrades you betrayed
to consort with the foes of your folk
we may have died a long time ago
only to be accepted in wuotans halls

and now you die the straw death
despising the man you became
maybe alive for a little while longer,
you are a coward for eternity

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