the talisman lyrics – wretched

reside in pentacle; invoke the djinni; be secret, stay safe, keep your name; keep your name!*
end spoken incantation; smoke appears within the summoning circle to which my voice begins to trail.
“only by my will an *ssignment is formed.
demon, you are mine!” “i am no conjuror of tricks.
no childish necromancer without the intelligence to bind you.
so carry out my demands, then at my call return to me.
clandestinely make your travels.
bring me the talisman! “go hence, fetch me the talisman.
i will call upon you at sunrise.
once this next day begins i will have a fortune more than fable.”
[solo: ~vail~]
i contort my energy to bring this bl**dy servant back to me.
“have you achieved my demanded thievery?
have you successfully attained that which i believe to be the only key in p*ssing through uraitahn unscathed?”
“oh yes my eternally loathed one, i have reached and have returned without personal detriment.
your will is great, your heart is strong, but in these actions you are but a breathing carrion.”
“beyond this summoning circle you are forbidden, except for by my will.
“i have since irradiated.
i feel i’ve *ssimilated every single necessity to carry out safe p*ssage through the gate.”

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