the tenth world lyrics – joni mitchell

dance to my rumba
beat it [maybe a drum?], enjoy, look mama [maybe meaning “look at me and learn the steps.”]
dance, look mama
beat it, enjoy, look
dancing the rumba beautifully. that’s how i go.
hey hey mama
dance to it, dance
dance this way [this a tentative translation, the expression i hear is actually unidiomatic]
dance to it, dance
a venezuelan in new york [maybe referring to himself]
in california and everywhere
i bring it to you [the rumba]
so that you will enjoy a good thing
enjoy it with the rest of the world
with the african and the rest of the world
dance to it
gringos! [this is funny. “gringo” is a pejorative way that some south americans have to refer to anglo-saxons. it’s clear that some americans are actually dancing to the music in the studio and receiving instructions from the singer, including this veiled semi-insult. was joni there too?]
left! left! [maybe meaning use your left foot now]
i say, come on!
i’m going now! [or it could also be i’m “coming”!]

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