the thorn of damnation lyrics – warhammer

(lyrics by v. frerich)
(music by f. krynojewski)

after a thousand eruptions, finally the thaw inserts
the clouds disappear, giving sight to a terrible truth
how many are there left? so far n*body knows
but the certainty of the great disaster, it will remain

the th*rn of d*mnation sits deep in human flesh
to pluck it out, you have to reach deep
will we try?

the souls that still walk the deserted earth
wonder if life will shine as grace, or as a curse
a new chance is there to rebuild this now hostile planet
will they avoid religious fanatism this time?


a dark shadow follows the path of the chosen
and if they succeed, will history repeat itself completely?
because if so, torture, pain, and suffering
will also reappear, and maybe existence
will again become a living h*ll


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