the war on terror lyrics – hatebomb

intended to create fear, systematic use of terror.
blind control for the m*sses leads to a certain progress.
self sacrifice in the name of a cold manipulation.
paralyzed society living in deception.

it’s hard not to obey or higher price you’ll pay.
drained to the line – everything is fine.
no where to go, no place to hide.
m*ss hysteria controlling the minds of the weak.

since the dawn of time fear is the key.
to keep the system running *ssuring liberty.
if you are not with us – then surely, you’re against us.
once you are condemned you have to hide forever…
forever… forever… and ever.

there is no phantom menace, it’s only in the mind.
who gets the profit? who pays the price?
the answer is hard to find but future is defined.
face the war on terror straight into your face.

aaagggrrrhhh – face the war on terror.
die – in the name of terror
proclaim – a war and earn the profit.
kill – to protect yourself.
hide – to stay alive.
find – many followers.
organize – m*ss propaganda.
time – to sell what you’ve got.

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