the way of king lyrics – thalarion

gleaming sh*ll of an autumn lie
fable of right divine
you gained your crowns by heritage
but blood was the price of mine

the throne that i won by blood and sweat
by perun, i will not sell
for promise of valleys filled with gold
or threat of the halls of h*ll

when i was a fighting man
the kettle-drums they beat
the people scattered gold dust
before my horse’s feet

the way of the king

but now i am a great king
the people hound my track
with poison in my wine-cup
and dagger at my back

the way of the king

what do i know of cultured ways
the gilt, the craft and the lie?
i, who was born in a naked land
and bred in the open sky

the subtle tongue, the sophist guile
they fail when the broadswords sing
rush in and die, dogs,
i was a man before i was a king

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