the way to the hell lyrics – gomorrah

if you will go to the dead
you must leave your soul.
devil is enter your head
he kidnap`s you soul.
you know it`s a painfull way
the way you will go to dead.
but no chance to survive
it is to late for you.

die by head. ……….satan takes you
satan is ………………to a place
in your mind……….. the place of h*ll.

satan has sucks you soul.
the soul which means you live.
he gives you other dreams
in this dreams you will die.
you have a lot of fun
fun without you soul.
dying without pain
this is the way to the dead.

as a cruelty miktige decay.

belief on your mind.
only your mind.
allover your mind.

peace is destroyed.
deep inside.
you lost your live.

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