the werewolf of wysteria lyrics – dead by tomorrow

a cutting wind blows out the candles the moon’s
reflecting from the knife, tonight the evil gray man will
send another soul to the afterlife. grace budd lies
before him tied, tortured, naked and raped. blinded by
murderous fictions to taste the virgin. „just weep you
little siren” – he whispered the lullaby then slit her
throat, and covered her little neck with a crimson scarf.
a gushing blood reddens the gray man the torment’s coming
to an end, when the imploring eyes become glazed he has a
violent climax. he grasps the dying bosoms to duplicate
the pleasure, this mutilated little angel his cold and
blue treasure. his cold and blue treasure. stabs her in
the chest without a shred of grace, cut the flesh to the
bone with blood soaked face. the werewolf lost his sanity
and craves for virgin blood. as cutting her up into
pieces he becomes erect, slits her mouth from ear to ear
and fills with caraway. the skillet will be her casket
and the oven is her grave. jaws bite into the roasted
tender virgin f*cking flesh. kidneys, liver, nose and
ears with salt, pepper and celery, the royal feast is
served up for the self-possessed child-murderer.

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