the wide-eyed and laughing lyrics – elton john

are you still in control of the boat that you row.
or do you still cling to me when it’s sinking?
i never condemnde you. i only consoled you.
when candlelight made me a king.

for the wide-eyed and laughing
p*ssed like a season
erasing a p*ssion to sin.
for no-one kenw better than the tealeaves and the tarots.
that the wide-eyed and laughing
where just one step ahead of the wind.

and the hearts that you played on the porch swing for me.
was a song that i’d heard in the past.
for i had an audience somewhere inside you.
that applauded whenever you laughed.

gone is a word that i now rarely use.
though sometime in the course of the day.
i go racing back like a man possessed.
by the wide-eyed and laughing daughters of some different age.

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