the world is getting bored lyrics – randy

the salvation army sings christmas carols outside the
shopping mall.
me i can’t wait to get back on the road and play some
rock and roll.
the warm and comfortable feeling of being a punk rock
is what i need this time of year when peoples need to
get way out of hand?

the world is getting bored.

the kids these days are fed up with the music
they don’t care about the product so they download
their music on mp3.
this is what you get when you get to greedy for too
the kids don’t want your plastic box no more they just
want the songs.

the world is getting bored.

who decided that we need small white envelopes in the
saying this and that?
bills, forms, questions and all kinds of things that
make me depressed.
who decided that we have to live like this? together
all alone.
don’t look so surprised mister cause you were the one
who cast the first stone.

the world is getting bored.
and we are getting bored with the world.

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