theme from an imaginary film lyrics – blur

what if i told you i love you
what if i called you in rhythm
in this world there’s nothing left
well nothing that’s new

what if i told you without
loving is simply a lie
although she moves into the night
oh, tell me you’re mine
please say it’s true

oh, shame it’s over
i was the light and the days of them all
well push me over
i’m flat on my back but i’m having a ball
and just look whose laughing

what if i flew like a dove dear
what if i would you in rhythm
there’s nothing left
nothing that’s good left for me now

oh, i’ll just go and sleep with strangers
i’ll live like a lord in a tower
cos in the city there’s too mich air
that i can’t dream at night
well not anymore

oh, shame it’s over
it been such fun and we had a ball
well push me over
but i’ll be the last people to fall
well just look whose laughing

oh shame it’s over
how like a cow bloated on gr*ss
well, push me over
me on my back and you on your *rs*
such a shame it’s all over
there are so feel days left to grasp
so push me over
we on our back and you on your lazy *rs*
well just look whose laughing

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