there’s water over you lyrics – colin hay

i can feel your love come shining
over and across the sea
there never was a light more blinding
ever watching over me

i walk into the swirling wind
it carries me away
back to where my life begins
can you hear me say?

i can see you where you’re hiding
and there’s water over you
i know that you are pretending
and there’s water over you

i walk beside you on the wall
oh, so far away
you will catch me if i fall
can you hear me say?

love and all security
these are things you give to me

i can touch you when i’m dreaming
long into the lonely night
you hold me when i wake up screaming
everything will be alright

and if i had to choose between
meething god or you
i would wake my king and queen
there’s water over you

love for all eternity
this and more you give to me

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