they are calling me… lyrics – soulrest

night had came
and nightmare starts again
i feel they awake in me
another night of endurance
that makes me sick…

i hear them calling my name
they are roaming in my soul
their eerie voices twist my mind
and shred it like a sharpest knife…

…and they are calling me…

every night they torturing me
grimly mocking at my soul
i feel i start to loose control
i feel i’m going insane…

my tortures grow stronger
from night till night
and they are calling me…
they want to take me to their side…

will it ever ends?
will i ever escape from this horror?
for now i know exactly
even death can’t give me rest…

…and they still calling me…

“again and again i tell you
never summon those,
on whom you have no power,
’cause your soul and mind
shall be destroyed by their fearful might…”

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