think you can lyrics – death is not glamorous

shut up,?cause i don?t want to hear all your b*tching about a cold world and see you drown in your own tears. no point in crying over it, so get over and out. stop bringin? me down or i?m bailing out – it?s up to you, so keep it to yourself. we?ve all got problems, i know i have mine, but we have to make things right on our wen time. i?m not throwing my weight up on your back, so cut the drama and get yourself back on track. so you tell everyone your f*cked, but it?s your outlook that keeps you stuck. your only burying your dreams and only running outta luck. start looking up until you see the sky. and when you do, hold on tight – no better place, no better time. convince yourself that you can make it through the hardest days. cut that self-pity, stop wasting words, ?cause they never pay. get yourself back on track

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