this, a murder of crows lyrics – deinonychus

beyond these eyes, wade nightmares yet to come. my innocence is nothing but a
veil of equivocation. only wh*r*s wear black, and offer red roses at funerals.
this opiate offered me serenity, when i was on my knees. once it was so
beautiful. but like a dying lilac; the beauty soon turns black. i was lonely,
but i’m not alone anymore. my vein rivers of pollution, injected harmony. i no
longer need such a longing kiss from your parched lips. i can reach the stars
from here. something i’ve never been offered before. and your desire wanes when
you have a universe to discover. and pleasures other to be had. i’m slowly dying
now, a pleasant death. i can see them coming; three birds flying across the
darkened sky, this! a murder of crows.

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