this ain’t a surfin’ movie lyrics – minus the bear

when i turned the page
the corner bent into a perfect dog ear
as if the words knew i’d need them again
but at that time i couldn’t see it
i would read that page every day for the next year

she sang a short tune
and i came from her soft touch and slept

we sat on a sh*r*line watching wind scalp the white off the waves
sitting on a sh*r*line, and if i could do it, i’d dog ear this page
we spoke about growing old and filling the future’s empty stage

i hope the weather holds
but you don’t need the sun to make you shine
these island towns don’t care for city folk
but i think we can starve the city from our minds

i know we won’t want for much
it’s just mea and you and a bed and a sh*r*line

/ minus the bear lyrics