this endless war lyrics – red descending

here i drown as seasons change
tried to cope with anxiety
i can’t see what is slowly killing me
the force of evil penetrates my dreams

now i turn into insanity
the fire is alive and burns inside of me
hope dead and buried of a life with any sleep
a mind-controlled disease will be my legacy

violent raging thoughts save me from this endless war
violent misplaced trust, stop me from misguided l*st

tear apart rationality
to find the key that lifts me off my knees
consequence that i’m fighting my beliefs
to understand this mind kills stability

i have not seen through this war
i’ve reached up to the sky but crashed and almost died
the journey’s almost over i can see it in my eyes
ten thousand needles piercing at my skin

this sickness over time has shattered my last fuse
rage and brutality beckons my next move

before i am dormant i will take you1 into my next
world. b*st*rd!
and sleep will no longer be my downfall. anymore!

as i watch this brain decay
as i run through obscured rain
into darkness i feel the shame
and it crushes me again

and the reaper has seen my face
seen it wither and waste away
time forgotten, these endless days
this fading mind a cold embrace

/ red descending lyrics