this is hell we’re in lyrics – deicide

racing with death, life in a mess
time growing shorter with every regret
efforts subceeding, i’m losing restrain
insincere promise i’ve broken again
nothing can touch me for once i am dead
exclude the body, the spirit is left
i have no problem in coping with life
it is this world that condemns me to die

this is h*ll we’re in
enduring in pain
in this h*ll we’re in
i will not remain
this is h*ll we’re in
forbidden to want
from this h*ll we’re in
i wish to move on

wrapped in self doubt enmeshed in the brain
darkest depression succ*mbing again
waiting the hour, the string snaps inside
length of a second to take my own life
so it is promised i do not believe
anything better than what i have seen
out of this body, i wait for this day
in this h*ll were in, entangled in pain

balance upset into leaning on death
simplified option to life’s little test
constantly guarding against its attack
why were we put here to feel its effect
violent pressure has tired my tries
it is my wish that it’s soon that i die
hanging by threads to the realms of the sane
it is this world that has made me this way

[lead: eric]

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