this routine lyrics – broadways

i’ve seen a thousand thoughtless faces today
a thousand i saw yesterday
it’s our ignorance that keeps us up to pace
it’s our tvs that keep us smiling

and all the world’s money won’t buy you freedom,
diamond rings don’t save lives
how can a man ever be free?
well, i know it’s inside you and me

sat outside on broken steps
the other day a man came up to say h*llo
he sang me songs that he heard on the radio
but said that writing was his p*ssion

gave him the change, i had wished him good luck
maybe he’ll be fine but he just buys wine
he’s been alone since age sixteen
how can we push him out of our memories?

half the world is sleeping now in front of tvs
and the other half is crying to the night sky
is this why we were born, to wash our emperor’s feet?
or are we just puppets living lies?

i had a dream i tried to talk to mother earth last night
but she just sat and cried, yeah she f*cking cried
can someone save us from our pain?
she replied “save yourself”

so let’s learn to be free
let’s quit our jobs and find some meaning
let’s pour out in the streets and yell and sing
because without love this life don’t mean a thing
i say f*ck this routine

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