this veil lyrics – cory sipper

cory sipper

this veil
have you ever been so chilled your heart
your heart was stuck to your bones
do you want to know what i hate to feel?
grab your raincoat, start the engine and drive around the block for anotheryear

take this veil
i am through with this hiding out
you can think what you think about me

i’ve got a lotus in my heart
roots wrap around and connect deep down past the words i form or the things i’ve
and while we’re all gathered round like so,
i’m gonna try and let a bit of that deep down part of me show
do you want to know what i hate to fear
drop your raincoat, kill the engine and sit around the house for another year

take this veil…

oh… i’ve done it again i lost all my power inside one reaction
oh… like radium to lead things change and they will change again

take this veil…

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