thousand faces of torture lyrics – decimator

i want to keep you alive
but i don’t care if you die
closer to death you become
by some painful tortures
the pleasure is mine

hung upside down by the legs
i saw you slowly in two pieces
the blood is gushing out from your pelvis
lie down on a table of iron spikes

stomach rupture by stretching of body
evisceration with a knife pull out entrails
limbs are amputated one by one
put in a bag to grow my collection

i tear out the liver from your opened belly
draining the blood to a pit
full of gore and guts
you will be flayed alive

thousand faces of torture
thousand faces of torture

[repeat chorus]

i know how to hurt you
by many ways of torture
punishing the flesh
the pain you have ever felt
i know the limit of your sorrow
mangling you slowly ’til death

impalement, dismemberment
disfigurement, mutilation

closer to death you become by my hands
bloodbath, i bleed you until you die
violent kind of an evil sick desire

i’m avoiding fatal blows
macerating your body
and smashing your ribs
blood drips from your mouth
you are spewing gore
finally i plunge you
into a boiling oil pot

[repeat chorus]

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