thrash assault lyrics – decimator

in remains of the world
where sound turns you insane
words can’t explain the meaning of underground
metal bands fighting together,
playing raw and loud…
noise spreading in the air
burns insane brains
it’s coming from the stage,
try to understand

chords sounds like a chain saw
drums tastes like a bite of hate
voices are screaming of agony
it’s thrash metal *ssault

it’s the only way to live you cannot die
follow the trail onward to h*ll
where you’ll find people like us
burning in flames and listening to this sound

metal in the vein will change the soul
be up to feel the immortality
nothing can stop the entire crowd
you should feel it into the vein

bang your head as we are doing
and come closer to the stage
feel the curse and join the brotherhood
listening to the metal tune
we are united by the same blood and soul,
come join us in underground!!!

[repeat chorus]

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