three the hard way lyrics – jermaine dupri

see quick, i told you man, once we get a beat man
sh*t like this right here
i got my n*gg* black for me, uh
i got my n*gg* r.o.c. for me, uh

and y’all know who the f*ck i be
and for a long time, i think n*gg*z been taking so so def for a joke
but i guess that’s why we rich
and y’all n*gg*z broke

y’all got one chance to flow, i let y’all know
while y’all stretch your mouth, i stretch my dough
also stretch the doors on my navigators
long as the olajuwon

rock mine, a phenomenon mr. smith style
you wanna get, uh, oh, here he is now
dot to the o caughted, blow your sh*t down
dot to the c, you’re feelin’ me now?

anyhow y’all n*gg*z can’t measure up
i’m here to get my cheddar and who ever mess it up?
then i’mma blow these rounds out, wet ’em up
for my dawgs like dmx who pound like kurupt

and snoopy in the club getting at the groupies
stash the uzi tonight, flash the jewelry
and just post up we can’t be touched
all my n*gg*z say, “what we don’t give a f*ck?

b-boy style, hot like tical
four, five cal, check into the profile of a killa
sonny black my mellow, my ace playa get on the
microphone and rock it please

i’m make y’all n*gg*z feel the heat homie
none of y’all motherf*ckers know me
three times a n*gg*z like t.o.n.y.
all up in your spot like navy seals, wave your steel

lay your sh*t down, clown, i’m for real
spittin’ crips for chips, plant bombs in your whip
i bring the pain to the game on the real tip what?
hittin’ n*gg*z just like jfk

for the pounds and the bricks and yay, hear what i say?
squeezing off, just to mash and releasing off
y’all motherf*ckers shouldn’t be so soft
oh, you too type thug n*gg*z, you’ll be so called

frump n*gg*z, yo, i got no love, n*gg*z
expect the worse, yo, check it, can make you see the he*rs*
tell mama i’m about to break the b*tton for the nurse
n*gg*z don’t want it but they think they do
and soldiers should never f*ck with me and my crew, who?

you know i’m gonna make them dance when i step in the club
well, i know another way to make ’em put their hands up
i drop the beat on, i c*ck the heat on
i got this party n*gg*z, we lock the street corners

you know i’m gonna make them dance when i step in the club
well, i know another way to make ’em put their hands up
i drop the beat on, i c*ck the heat on
i got this party n*gg*z, we lock the street corners

well it come again, the timbaland lacer
you trembling in the faces, detroit hates us
take us, come smooth the hard sh*t, rock jewelry
like mr. antarctic

watch an artist, move regardless of the chartless
c*ck your automatic
so the safest thing for you to do is shut the f*ck up
let my crew do this, uh, like this n*gg*z from the bricks and uh

you don’t want nwk to get to ya
so you heard we make believers out of dreamers
now we make murder cases out of sleepers
s to the motherf*ckers, o to the s to the y’all d*mned
o to the d to the e f uck you ’cause we buck you
y’all n*gg*z can’t touch us

*ssume my position ’cause papermaking’s a must
straight mangle motherf*ckers when it’s time to bust
lace flows with angel dust, all up in your spot
we got no things with us, kind of dangerous

don’t f*ck around and get caught in a verbal onslaught
’cause i’m label your bills and my man too $hort, oh, lord
getting down one more time
for making motherf*ckers, who out on the run

i gotta get mine daily, can’t let these motherf*ckers fade me
that’s just the way my mama made me
top size rider from the get go, known to spit flows
and keep them n*gg*z on their tiptoes

i goes to the extremity blind with weed and hennessey
i know you n*gg*z don’t remember me
got the flow poetic and i stay diamond setted
running over tracks like i’m libyan, here’s the past

labeled a p*ssy, cash see her bounce
shaking, moving, waiting, sipping the ounce
what’s up with that? none of y’all n*gg*z can f*ck with black
motherf*cker where’s your focus at?
jd, my mellow my ace, get on the mic and come rock, please

n*gg*, i feel like why you gon come if ain’t on time
and ain’t no need in coming out, if you ain’t gonna shine
that’s why i am like i am with mine and y’all sick
while y’all keep it real, we keep it rich

just clowning, pounding, riding around in
some of the most elite sh*t to ever hit the town
screaming out how you like me now and i’m gettin’ busier
i stay platinum while y’all get dizzier

the difference between y’all is i get ’em out of their seats
and my balling techniques is out of your reach
live and direct from the peach state
where we make hits, deep grits and steak, homes laced
we never hit the breaks, just continue to speed, stay in the lead
y’all don’t wanna f*ck with me?

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