three words away lyrics – keith harling

it’s just three hours from here
love so far but so near
i left her in the dark
and now she thinks that i don’t care
it’s just a quarter to call
wouldn’t take long at all
and i could be home today
but i’m just three words away
darling, i love you
like n*body else can do
three words, i was wrong
if you’ll forgive me, i’llc ome back home
cause darling, i need your love
my leavin didn’t leave me with much
girl, all i can say is i’m just three words away
it’s just my love in the line
that’s got me wonderin why
i left my heart and my soul
down in georgia last night
yes, i’m a fool and i know
i may have to live with my mistake
so if you want me, my love
i’m just three words away
repeat chorus:

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