through the infinitive halls of death lyrics – candlemass

i know that my old life is ending
very soon i’ll lose my breath
but raise up high or slow descending
is the question after death

death is a forecourt to h*ll, where the lost of humanity dwell

in the realm of the other side
i saw some spirits a force of might
black and white and side by side
they will take me beyond the light

through the shadows of my soul
walking in an endless cave
searching for a deep black hole
to find my destiny or grave

doomed to h*ll
misery and death, pain and sorrow
the air was poisoned by the smell of burning flesh
i saw the beast
a great shadow surrounded by black demons
satan he laughed as he saw me burn


“suddenly i awoke. i must have fallen asleep under the oak,
where i used to sit and dream as a child
the dawn was soon to come, and the air was crisp and cold
yet i felt warm
i remembered my strange dreams and knew i had the strength and
love in my heart to create something in my life. the world was waiting
i was reborn”

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