through the moonlight lyrics – ens cogitans

[epigraph: parva domnus, magna quies]
[solo: collapse of ent*ty]

wash me, a saving sky.
set me free from their misfortunes.
lave me, a gentle ether.
the wizened brain of mine needs moisture.
peer into my eyes,
i everyone and everything forgave.
my lord jesus christ,
give me eternal rest, it’s all i need.

moon rays are coming down.
the empyrean entices with eternity.
languid face in palms,
aweary eyes want tranquility.
my eaves covered with the rime.
i feel her cold breath on my lips.
i know that like everyone,
i’ll turn to dust…
keep quite.

i can’t forget

please, don’t molest me,
i can’t stay here.
i’m warrior!
i have to cancel abject fear!
you say: ”i love you! ”
i dote on you too,
but now i break off
my fatal thread. i’ve got it through.
i long to still, i crave for calm.
he, who started me,
has to know how to cease my rove.
and through the moonlight
i will find escape.
beams from above
absorb me, melt down hollow brain.

take me up.
i’ve cut all out.
i tire of being sc*m.
come for me,
set me free,
create my own to-be.

jesus wept…

my deceasing’s
just a link in chain of human deaths.
i haven’t got the dread.
there is nothing to be afraid of.
every time as i undergo
transition between lives
i gain experience,
i gain universal sight.

sense of our life –
be taught by great reason,
listen to the heart (of the way)
and follow the guide.
the daze of a new babe
is on the increase.
and it is the sole
worthy lifestate.

dither… dither…

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