tickle train lyrics – pebaluna

here comes the tickle train
next stop is where you lay
cuz i love to see your smiling face
even if it’s only for the next four days
well, baby-baby, i can’t call you baby
cuz you believe in jesus and i believe in may be’s
like- may be you’ll see that you might like to be
out of the harbor and sailing the sea
so here comes the tickle train now (chug-uh’s)…
it could take you to a destination
far beyond expectation
if you’d like to see just pull back the curtain
and take a moment to breathe, because i
loved it when you picked me up,
ran across the highway and dropped me in the mud
i wiped my shoes on
your jeans
so when you finally washed them you had to think of me… well
here comes the tickle train now (chug-uh’s)…
i hope when this song reaches your ears
you won’t be offended or think i’m weird
it’s just a simple homage to the short time we had
even if it’s corny, i know it made you laugh
here comes the tickle train now (chug-uh’s)…

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