tiger lyrics – hurriganes

gonna tell you a story
that you know darn well
baby its happy
the kind i like to tell
well a honky woman
put a spell on you
hey hey hey woman
got my eye on you
hey now, pretty woman
i can dig what you do
got a spell on me baby
and im stuck like glue
hey hey scoogie dance
rock and roll, looking for romance
wooa, woa, hey, hey
well, oh…
dont you know, dont be lazy
got no money, drive me crazy
wooa, woa, aint it love
well oh…
you is wrong, treat me bad
rock and roll, since the night we met
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
well allright…
hey, hey be my baby
rock and roll drives you crazy
waoo, woa, yeah, yeah
well oh…

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