tijuana lady lyrics – gomez

take me down
to where you hide
lay me down
lay down inside
why, do you scowl?
about the specific time

tijuana lady, where did you go, yeah?
i’ve been chasin’ you around old mexico, yeah
gotta, find my way back to san diego
baby where do you hide?

take me down
to where you hide
lay me around
lay me around inside
baby go south
‘cos i know you hide

tijuana lady, lets take it slow, yeah but i
i know that i’m no head honcho, yeah but i
i’ll keep you warm in my silky poncho
where do you hide? where do you hide?

tijuana lady, where did you go? yeah well i
i heard you lost in la sombrero
tijuana lady, which way do you flow? yeah but i
el mariachi desperado
where do you hide? tell me where do you hide?

enchilada desperado days
senorita come back and meet me again
buena vista, senorita, yeah
i love you so come back, be with me again

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