tilted lifestyle lyrics – deals death

a gun pointing at me, yet the will to live is gone
a road to disaster. i’ve broken all my laws

now i can sit back, sit back and just relax.
become a storyteller, a way to find all ways

crossing the line of death
this path will reveal itself
a reckless behaviour will tell me no more
my light is forever gone

they say that all that comes up will be shot down
my plan is based on this agreement, 3 2 1 and face your
boom, your life will be flushed out
fire, i can feel it inside
i need a break to take care of my interests
fill my days with a lot of lonely pleasures
a ticket to the train that is bound for total madness

please help me, i long for my own answers
will my soul be forgiven?
or will it be crushed like a bug on a concrete wall

i’ve read the final chapter. i’ve seen it all end well
but there’s a risk to take, a fallen goal will tell

crossing the line of death…


they say that all that comes up…

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