time and pressure lyrics – devil sold his soul

the p*ssing of our time; we borrowed our own fate
you hurt for nothing in your own mind
the walls are closing in and i can hardly breathe
you cannot hold onto my soul, bearing down

my heart grows darker, my arms grow weak
and i won’t be able to see
no matter what they say
they can’t explain, they cannot see my eyes
while hiding what i have left you’ll be my light
my arms grow weak, my arms grow weak

lost; my heart grows darker
i set my sights too high
how can you think with the truth ablaze
making up an excuse to rationale the wrong
your lack of thought will not break me down
but you don’t even realize the cost

you take my arms, you take my light
you don’t know how this feels to be so alone
you take too long to see that this is wrong
just ignore all the sleepless nights
we’ll break them all.

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