time lyrics – seraphim

the night, imminent alone, grievous blame myself
ice flow and cold moon, seem emotionally hurt, retire
in sublunary variety

the dying distance nearly dead end in a dazzling
burning red sun then long awaiting, listless tears in
my eyes
a dark night, renew the gloomy heaven, interminate
reset my inner desire, part from daybreak

the graceful praise of singing, resonant in a dream
between daze and wake, rebirth emerged
a pallid enchanted face, decrepit and concealed
eternal blue sky, see as not seeing

the frozen north, callous blowing, extinguish
a dreary cold night and withered dead tree, ever fading
as if long term evil spirit, still vacuous seeking
slouchy slow walk waiting for rains to stop and sky

the coldly lonesome dark night, intoxicate in peace
between grief and joy, clean but not so clean
eyes transported with hope, br*mm*ng with tears
gracefully turn into green lands and clear streams

time inverted; rocks the kismet. lights floating p*ss
by, disappear in a flash
unclouded blue sky still more lucid, color of
mysticism, think back and forget

ah! no regret! a breaking feeling, restless heart and

don’t regret, terrifying risk, deep down in weeping
unable to shut out the vice, the sin in great flooding
quit! sorrow & joy, cry bitterly, grow disaster

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