time of fantasy part ii lyrics – kerion

on the time of fantasy
where sweet fairies sing in the trees
dragons fly beyond the seas
warriors live epic story

fightin’ for your liberty
on your way stand many fences
icy winds will never freeze
dreams of eternal glory

swords of steel and sorcery
will defeat all your enemies
hidden in your memories
haunted your reality

in your quest of victory
you will lose most of your allies
cried by their whole families
never feelin’ so lonely

when the raising-sun leaves from the sea
comes another day
when the morning-winds caress your face
breath the smell of earth
when the dragons rise up to the sky
let your mind fly high
when the mighty centaurs strike the ground
run into this land

riding through dark and misty
forest full with mysteries
crossing the dwarfs’ galleries
and the mystic elves’ city

now he sees his destiny
in the black eyes of the sages
the mighty hero he is
bring us peace and life will be

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