titanic (my over) reaction lyrics – 999

going round on the circle line
trying to find a way out
people stare like they? ve seen a ghost
you know it leaves me in doubt
what i say and the way i dress
it? s got nothing to do with the need to impress
i got on appet*te to hold on thight
thinking loud may hurt i? m on the alert

t*tanic reaction
an eccentic attraction
t*tanic reaction
it? s a cind of distraction
short comings bring me to my knees
i don? t know but when
it gets there i just freeze
let me out let me go who wants to know
theres a pain but no sympathy for
eyes in the dark become flashing lamps
today i met someone with
an interest i stamps
proportions distortions
with no questions asked
thinking aloud may hurt? im on the alert

a grin just becomes a crack in my face
what dislodged amus*m*nt is this i can taste
confusions illusions whose side are they on
thinking alud may hurt i? m on the alert

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