to be free lyrics – daniele liverani

i’m so sorry
about that ungrateful man
he didn’t believe you, but i did
blinded by glory
he was not able to understand
innocence shining through your eyes
and i know that i am right
’cause this time i will help
someone to be free

there is a backdoor
that no one knows about
i escape through it every night
and i will take you there
and then you will be free again
i know that i will risk my life
but i know that i am right
’cause this time i will help
someone to be free

lookin within your desperate eyes
i can see my fears
we are the victims
of the same oppressive mind
i want to follow you
and run away from this prison
i must respect my ident*ty
but i’m so glad for the first time

he won’t be the winner !
he won’t be the winner !
because this time
[klepsydra & main choir] i will help someone to be free !

beyond the valley
you’ll find an ancient oak
that is the entrance to the stores
now go on and save the prince
[klepsydra & main choir] so that you can also help someone
[klepsydra] to be free, to be free , to be free

after a while, genius eyes became clear and while he was listening to her warm soft voice, the hope of a solution came shining back into his heart, mending the wounds. genius was led by klepsydra to a secret backdoor, thorugh which he left the palace. he returned to where he left twin spirit n. 32, eager to find him still there.. and there he was ! now, they were together once again, with more chances than ever for them to fight for king mc chaos innocence !

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