to be young gifted & black lyrics – donny hathaway

to be young, gifted and black,
oh what a lovely precious dream
to be young, gifted and black,
open your heart to what i mean

in the whole world you know
there are billion boys and girls
who are young, gifted and black,
and that’s a fact!

young, gifted and black
we must begin to tell our young
there’s a world waiting for you
this is a quest that’s just begun

when you feel really low
yeah, there’s a great truth you should know
when you’re young, gifted and black
your soul’s intact

young, gifted and black
how i long to know the truth
there are times when i look back
and i am haunted by my youth

oh but my joy of today
is that we can all be proud to say
to be young, gifted and black
is where it’s at

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