to free death upon them lyrics – dead to this world

“oh, ancient earth…what ungodly creature awaits for thy
final command in the dark corners of your womb? have i
not stared deep enough to reveal its plague upon them?”

i feel its hunger…it’s coming
live bait in the dead of the night
black steel sharpens the landscape
cold armor shining so bright
i am ready, bring us to war
charge weapon, give heed to the call
all life connects to the warning
fierce wind stops as if in awe

reveal your darkness upon them
give strength to the highest of laws
with you, my soul shares wisdom
ground swallows all men not of kings

bring me the ones who can not fathom what lies ahead
and i’ll guide him directions to sudden death
for as the hour draws to an end, all life shall perish
and the ground shall open and erase that which were
…and just as death sets free, i shall free death upon
for this is the night when all the oceans of the world
shall rise and wash away all living thing
m*ss suicide and murder shall break out
and enhance the coming of the final sweeping wind
and amidst it all, firepower shall be handed out to
each and everyone, and it shall be their new god
a new sun shall rise, for it is a brighter sun
and death shall be no more…

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