to recruit and convert lyrics – dissonant

(the threat is upon us march forward to takewhat is ours
you decide who lives and who perishes trust your gun
trust your leader) (here they come here they come their
screams are silent! fire at will! now aim and kill those
a hundred million american idolaters tuneinto see the new
sacrificial lamb
the blood they shed will forward theirmission to raise a
and call it democracy, all who raise the flagwill be
slaughtered in their own time, own way, in fire
like sheep let to the valley our new sheppardis born,
follow me into eternity a h*ll away from home
blood we spill in sacrifice on foreign land
boundaries don’t exist in this body laden carvan
we, we came into their home, we claim theirlives our own,
we came into their home
we claim their lives! (civilian sacrifice is a fraction
of the action)
we, we came into their home, we claim theirlives
(bloodstained hair, sunken eyes, coveredinside as they
the pain, they suffer, the pain they suffermore! more!
moral fiber consumption for the weak
remorse is of no concern, let the buried rest in peace
sodom was a shadow of our very existence,little more than
an inkling of things already come to p*ss!

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