tomorrow’s today lyrics – riotgod

particles accelerated
colliding we met by chance
we were like birds
all colors and markings and soon we begun that dance
story-book it certainly wasn’t
but too it sure wasn’t plain
electric signals filled up the air
and a frequency soon became

an energy’d rebound
two streams of life would become wound
teasing, pleasing, newness and frustration
secret, joyful trysts of rich temptation.

and over time a very powerful process
began to envelope me
and everything that was so very attractive began to
and over time my colors and patterns would mix and
marks of a vile, deep, hidden possessor,
sickly and so strange

my guise began to fray
slowly from day to day
unseemly, teeming echoes born of sadness
amazing, brazing, phasing streams of madness

emotions bred over time to be culled
oh attract and repulse, i don’t know nothing else
up i rise from the rut i have crawled oh
ground became walls, faint was my pulse

split with this latest decision
those waves of derision
that washed over me
oh no chose of seclusion
no that’s a delusion
wrong kind of free
sky full of stars that will guide me
square one you can find me
where tomorrow’s today

tomorrow is today.

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