tone deaf lyrics – d.r.i

tone deaf – i can’t play an instrument
tone deaf – i can’t even sing
tone deaf – i have to wear ear plugs
the noise makes my ears ring

they told me when i was eleven
“you shouldn’t even bother to try
you’ve got no musical ability”
and they weren’t telling a lie

tone deaf – i’ve got no rhythm
tone deaf – i’ve got no pitch
tone deaf – i couldn’t hit an octave
if it meant that i’d get rich

all i can do is shout
louder and faster than most
that’s what i do for a living
traveling coast to coast

tone deaf – i don’t have good meter
tone deaf – i can’t sing tremolo
tone deaf – i’ve got poor register
you won’t hear me sing falsetto

no, i can’t hit those high notes
and i can’t go real low
all in all i’m tone deaf
and everyone tells me so

tone deaf!

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