tongue lyrics – soilwork

i’ve been a failure
i’ve been a success
those smiles
were a gift from the blessed
so tell me
where do i go from here
i’ve been brought up
with an aimless tear
on bloodstained fields
of broken dreams
i’ve lost it all
in the upward stream
this time i gotta set free
what lurks deep within me

watch the power leave your
chapped palms
it all comes together
through infuential tongues

the hated see the light of day
and here comes the sane
they’re aching
once they were sacred
search for forgiveness
forgetting their weakness
i do belong

you’re a dent in my strive for
not feeling contempt
towards the goals
we were raised to achieve
all my pride was spent
on making myself so numb
not getting stuck
under your thumb

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